All types of industries utilize Taper Line products.

The unique Taper Line locking feature creates a strong metal to metal press fit lock without the need for a keyway or locking washer. The products can be reusable and a hex style or torque wrench are used to activate the locking property. Two distinct locking styles are available for customers convenience.

Oil & Gas

Taper Line has manufactured lock nuts for many facets in the oil & gas industry. For use in gear boxes, oil rigs, and natural gas distribution.


Taper Line products are utilized in off road construction vehicles such as bull dozers, rock trucks, and excavators. Vehicles such as monorials, railroad bogeys, and road building machines are currently using Taper Line products.

Material Handling

Taper Line has placed products in conveyor systems and roller assemblies.


Automotive and medical robots contain Taper Line parts.

Special Machines

Taper Line parts are utilized in ball screws, spindles, rotary dies, and mining machines.


Farm tractors and ranch equipment contain Taper Line parts.


Taper Line has supplied lock nuts to pulp & paper converting machines and to machines manufacturing components, as well as tissue paper and cleaning cloths.